And You Shall Answer me
Part of the A Call to Mission Tour

You can see And You Shall Answer Me as part of the Elim Missions A Call to Mission tour at Elim churches across the UK in 2018 – see the poster above for Locations and dates or the list below.

This is a new work written and performed by Rich Hasnip to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Vumba Massacre where 13 Elim missionaries were killed in Rhodesia on 23rd June 1978.

“I have tried to write a broken play, a play in which language, at times, strains at the edges of my capacity to use it; a play that deploys many voices – straight narration, dialogue, poetry, dream, knowing that no single voice can do justice to the story, but a fractured telling might provoke an audience into greater engagement, into seeking their own answers in the gaps left by the telling.”


And You Shall Answer Me is a moving and powerful tribute that pays homage to those who went before and asks hard questions of those who would carry the gospel forward.  

6th May - Cardiff City Church 6:30pm
16th MayElim Leaders’ Summit

20th May - Birmingham City Church 6:30pm

3rd June - Ealing Christian Centre 6:30pm

24th June - Huddersfield Elim 6:30pm

9th September - Glasgow Elim 6:30pm  

23rd September - St Helens Christian Life Centre 6:30pm

20th October - Culleybackey Elim 7:30pm

21st October - Portadown Elim 11am

11th November - Exeter Elim 6:30pm

18th November - Chelmsford Elim 6:30pm